Never Apologize for Your Tears

Perhaps the best advice I ever received in regards to grief is to never apologize for your tears. Own them. If you are sad, and need to cry, do it. Anyone who may seem uncomfortable by your emotions can simply turn their head. There is absolutely no shame or weakness in crying.  More often than not, your body needs you to cry, as it releases a whole bunch of  chemicals and hormones that were making you feel blue, and creates ones that make you feel better. Win-win.

I’ve been known to cry in public places, in front of friends, at work, in my car, weddings, funerals, TV shows, movies, and so on. Yes, that may seem like a lot, but in retrospect, I’ve held in a lot more tears than I’ve let out. So many things remind me of Jen, which makes me tear up. These are not full blown crying session; just a few tears running down my cheek.

I’m usually that girl in Hallmark who is tearing up reading sad cards, or when I pass all the Sister themed cards. But you know what? That is okay. I bought special mascara that doesn’t run, so I am confident that my makeup will not be ruined. I usually have a pack of tissues in my bag, and found that chewing gun helps you from crying too much, or can help that sobbing feeling from taking over (learned that trick from a sorority sister).

Never Apologize For Your Tears

The point I am trying to make is that it is okay to cry. Don’y worry what people think, don’t worry about where you are, just cry. If possible, you may feel more comfortable if you excuse yourself to someplace private (a restroom, a secluded area, you car) but that is your call.

Know someone who may need a good cry? Send them a Kleenex Share Pack.

Love you all.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Feb 07, 2013 @ 20:13:58

    So proud of you. We’re so lucky you’re ours. Love you — Mean it!


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