ALEX AND ANI Sunflower Charm Bangle

Like many young women, I love ALEX AND ANI bracelets. I was on their site, browsing through their new products, and came across a Sunflower Charm Bangle. Not only did I instantly fall in love with it, but I loved the message that goes along with it.

For many of you, you are familiar with the message behind these bangles, and how each charm represents different ideals and characteristics. The sunflower bangle reflects: Optimistic, Compassionate, and Resilient. 

For myself, I think I represent these three qualities. In some of my darkest times, I have tried to stay optimistic and positive (even at times when I didn’t want to be). I’ve tried to be more compassionate, and try to help those in need (especially those who have suffered a loss of their own). Lastly, I think that I more resilient as I have been through the trenches, and haven’t allowed my grief to hold me back.

Sunflower Bangle


Perhaps my favorite part of this bracelet is in the details:

This special flower is unexpectedly strong and optimistic, as it is constantly rising up from the ground, turning its face toward the sun.
A bright symbol of faith, the sunflower exudes happiness, from its vibrant petals to its resilient roots.
An encouragement to seek joy on the darkest days, the Sunflower Charm celebrates the power that grows from staying ever positive, facing toward the light.

Well damn. If that doesn’t describe the grief process, I don’t know what does.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. debrogo
    Oct 24, 2014 @ 12:17:17

    I bought this bangle a while ago. I love it and it’s message.


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