Hear Ye! Hear Ye ! Nov. 3 is National Niff Day

I have made an official decision; November 3rd will now be known as National Niff Day. All are welcome (and encouraged) to celebrate by doing a good deed or selfless act of kindness.

November 3rd is Jen’s birthday, and I always get bummed out. I can’t celebrate her birthday with her, and I can’t give her presents. Therefore, in the spirit of giving, I have declared that November 3rd will be National Niff Day. One celebrates by doing a selfless act of kindness or some type of good deed.

You may remember I did something similar to this about two years ago, and I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback. But now, I want to make this official, and encourage everyone to celebrate Niff Day in their own way. Not only will this try to make the world a better place (even for just one day), but I hope it will help keep the memory of Niff alive.

National Niff Day

There are so many ways you can celebrate:

  • Buy coffee for a friend
  • Help someone carry a heavy box
  • Cook dinner for the one you love
  • Let someone merge in front of you on the highway
  • Bring in donuts for your coworkers
  • Bring canned goods to your local food pantry
  • Donate old clothes to your local shelter or Good Will
  • Bring dog and cat food to an animal shelter (Jen loved animals)
  • Hold the door or elevator for someone
  • Anything you can think of; the possibilities are endless

My only request is that (if possible), take a picture of your good deed and tag it with #niffday. That way, everyone can see all the wonderful things done, and hopefully cheer everyone up 🙂 I will be checking Facebook and Instagram all day for your pictures.

So let it be written, so let it be done.


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