Bereaved Parents of the USA 2015 National Gathering

Next week, I will be presenting my Blogging Your Way Through Grief at the Bereaved Parents of the USA 2015 National Gathering in Hartford, CT. I’ve presented similar presentations in Costa Mesa, CA and Boston, MA, for The Compassionate Friends, but this is my first time being part of the Bereaved Parents of the USA conference. I’m super excited!

Although my presentation is similar to years past, I feel that with each year, I learn a bit more about grief, and a bit more about myself. Now, I can speak from a bit more experience; my pain is not as sharp, my cuts are not as deep, and my heart is not as heavy.

I’m hoping for a great turn out, and can’t wait to meet everyone in attendance!

Look for me at Workshop Three!

Jacqueline DeVito


Jacqueline DeVito Workshop 3

Jacqueline DeVito Bio


Jacqueline will explain the benefits of writing to cope with grief, and demonstrate how to set up a blog and maintain it.
Attendees will take home the step-by-step guide and create their own free blogs at home, and use some of the suggested topics as inspiration for their own writing.

Jacqueline DeVito, Sister of Jennifer “Niffie” DeVito,
11/03/1991 ~ 8/17/2010.
Jacqueline lost her little sister, Jennifer, in August of 2010.
After trying to find the best way to work through her grief, Jacqueline started a blog as a way to express her thoughts and feelings.
Since then, she has been published in a national magazine and has presented at both National and International conferences on grief, writing, and how to cope.
Jacqueline is a web developer and resides in Westchester, NY with her fiance’ Adam.


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