Five (Very Quick) Years

Five years. Five, very quick years to be more exact. How is that possible? Sometimes I don’t think it even is possible, but alas, the calendar does not lie.

After last night’s restless night of sleep, and laying in bed this morning until I absolutely needed to get up, I thought about what I wanted to blog about today.

A few days ago, a friend sent me a Facebook message that read:

Hey Jacqueline. I know its been awhile but I just wanted to reach out. I had a crazy bizarre dream last night that when I woke up, was left so uncomfortable. You and Jen were both in it. But the more I looked into researching the meaning, the more I realized how crazy it was to have a dream with both of you in it and so close to the 17th. I just wanted you to know that you and your family are obviously still on my mind and I felt like I needed you to know that.

I know it may seem like a lot of people have gone on with life but just know, there’s not a day where your family doesn’t crosses peoples minds. I know it will never get easier and I know this is totally random but I felt compelled after last night to reach out to you in particular and ask “how are you?” I know, a loaded question. But I genuinely want to know and listen to your answer. And again, I know its awhile and I hope this doesn’t come across in any other way other than how I meant it to; just to let you know, you guys are in my thoughts. And no matter how many years may go by, Ill always be thinking about you guys and hoping, with each passing day, that while it may never get easier, you smile a little more and touch peoples lives, that Jen did and still is for so many people.

I found it very comforting that someone, whom I have not seen in a while, reached out so close to the 17th, and had just beautiful things to say about Jen. It was exactly what I needed (and when I needed it too).

And, as I am really at a loss for words today (I know, weird) I wanted to share a beautiful video that Nif’s friend made for her:


Thank you to all the cards, text messages, and kind words ❤

Special thank you to KG and BG ❤


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