Bereaved Parents Made Me Angry

First and foremost, shame on me for not posting in a very long time.

Second, I’m ashamed that my Welcome Back post has a negative tone, but this is something that really upset me.

Like many of you, when I wake up in the morning, I take a few moments before my shower to check my phone. I review my emails, the news, Instagram, and Facebook. As I was scrolling thorough Facebook, I came across a post from the Bereaved Parents of the USA. Granted, I am not a bereaved parent, but this is the parent organization of a lot of helpful resources, and the organization that I have presented for a few times in the past.

As I was scrolling through my feed, I was dumbstruck by their post.

Mom, If you’re reading this,
this is the post that I was telling you about.

Please don’t click the link below, or scroll down to read more.
I don’t want this to ruin your day…


Bereaved Parents shared a post from Mitchell’s Journey; another page on Facebook. The image was that of a young boy in his casket, with his mom finishing dressing him for his funeral.

And you know what; this picture made me mad and angry. My whole shower, I was thinking of this post, and how upset it made me feel. The copy that follows the image is:

There are some moments in life that burn an image into your mind with permanent marker – and some experiences so hard to bear, they change the shape of your soul.

And it made me think.

There are far too many bereaved parents who went though the exact same thing that this mother did, and now they were going to be scrolling through Facebook, and be reminded of that terrible day all over again with this picture.

If you’re claiming that this moment is so paramount, why are you making everyone re-live it? Plus, they said, “This will make you think about a mom’s or dad’s grief differences in a whole different way…”

Um hello. Did you forget who your target audience is? IT’S BEREAVED PARENTS.

I was going to post a comment about how I felt this post was inappropriate, but opted not to. I read through some of the other comments, and saw that it (oddly enough) brought comfort to some parents, and I didn’t want to take that away from them.

However, I did text my Mom and asked if she followed the Bereaved Parents on Facebook, and if she did, to not go on Facebook until I hid the post from her timeline. I was worried that it would upset her, and if I can try to prevent that from happening, you bet your sweet ass that I will do anything.

I too have since hid the post from my timeline, and now that I think about it, blogging about it may be counter productive, but this Facebook post made me too angry to not talk about.

What are your thoughts?



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