Let’s Honor Jen’s Memory

August 17th; you have visited us once again.

Can you even believe that it  has been 6 years? I can’t. I live in a perpetual state of Jen’s passing feeling like it was decades ago, or last week. Memories of that whole week are intensely clear, or ever-so slightly foggy. And it’s not just me; other people I’ve talked to feel the same way. Grief must have it’s own clock.

In an effort to honor Jen’s memory, we’ve been working closely with the Silver Starlites to help raise funds for the Jennifer DeVito Memorial Scholarship Fund. Most recently, we held a big tag sale where all the profits raised were added to the scholarship fund.

I created a website, and PayPal account, so that sponsors who couldn’t make evens could follow along on the website, and make an online donation.

If you’d like to help, you too can make a donation in Jen’s honor so that graduating Starlites can be awarded with a scholarship for college.

Donate to the Jennifer DeVito Memorial Scholarship Fund

Other Ways to Honor Niff:

  • Eat dino nuggets (or any form of chicken nugget for that matter)
  • Buy sunflowers. Bonus points if you give the sunflowers to someone you love
  • Wear your craziest sneakers
  • Wear socks that don’t match
  • Better yet, buy crazy socks from Journeys
  • Get a cup of coffee that has more milk and sweetener in it than it does actual coffee
  • Play beer pong
  • Draw/paint/sketch a picture
  • Play with your dog/cat/guinea pig
  • Tag a picture or memory of Nif on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #missunif
  • Do a selfless good deed for someone, and expect nothing in return
  • Hug your family and friends and tell them how much you love them ❤

Jennifer Niffie DeVito

A version of this In Memory ad will be
in the Poughkeepsie Journal today


Today never gets easier. It just gets more bearable…


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