Partying In Mexico

The other night I had a really absurd dream. In my dream, Jen never died, but rather, was partying in Mexico for almost eight years and finally came back home.


*This is where I dreamed Nif was partying for eight years…

In this bazaar dream, Jen must have went to Mexico, and was partying it up for eight years. Since she never came home, it was determined that she passed away, and we held a wake and funeral for her. Then, in dream world, she just showed back up, dressed like she came back from some trippy festival, and acted like nothing was wrong. When everyone was asking where she had been, and why she never contacted us, Nif just shrugged and said she was busy having fun.

In my dream, I remember crying and telling Jen how much I missed her, and I showed her this blog, and some of the journals I had.

Then we called everyone we could think of, and told them that Jen was alive and it was a huge misunderstanding.

Now, the part of my dream that doesn’t make sense to lucid Jacqueline is that I was telling Jen how I fixed her hair for her wake, and she was like “Aww thanks Jack.” But, how could I have fixed her hair if she was partying in Mexico? Dreams can get really weird, really fast.

Now, maybe the saddest part of this whole dream was when I woke up, I thought it was all real. I had a few moments of, “Oh yeah that’s what happened!” but then quickly remembered it was all something my psyche just manifested, and that it was nothing more then wishful thinking. I remember physically feeling the smile and excitement melt off my face and into a brokenhearted frown.

The more I think about it, the more I think the whole part of Mexico stemmed from that poor family from Iowa that died on vacation due to a gas leak. The mind can dream up crazy things…



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  1. Erica
    Mar 26, 2018 @ 18:33:55

    You are not alone believe it or not. None of mine were as exciting as going to mexico which sounds exactly like what she would do for an 8 year festival lol, but its nice to hear that im not the only one that has the “never passed away” dreams.


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