Grief: A Brief Survey

When I am not sure of what to blog, I like to Google grief survey, and see if there are any interesting new studies done, or in the process of being completed, on grief. I came across Grief: A Brief Survey, for a student who is collecting research for a paper they are writing.  I really like their questions, and want to help them on their assignment. Plus, I think answering questions on my own behalf helps me to undestand my feelings and thoughts better.

Below, are all my responses without me holding anything back:


Rainbows Over the Harbor

The other day I was driving home from work, and one of my Sorority sisters sent me two beautiful pictures of rainbows. They were a perfect pick-me-up after a long day:

Thank you Y-Sub ❤

Rainbow in Jennifer Land

Yesterday, I got the best tweet from one of my sorority sisters. I looked at my phone, saw I had an “@” mention, and noticed it was a link to a picture. Intrigued to what it could be, I opened the link, and then started to cry.


…With Gracious and Kindly Hearts We May Share Both Joy and Sorrow…

Well, after months, and months of waiting, my submission to The Quill (the official magazine of my sorority Alpha Xi Delta) was published. I wrote it back in April, and it was finally published in the Fall/Winter edition. I waited for it to come in the mail, and rushed home after my holiday part last week to read it. My Sister Jaclyn scanned it for me, so I can share it with all of you.


[Insert Meaningful Title Here]

I feel like I don’t talk enough about how I am feeling. I focus on things that have happened, and how I react to them, but on such a basic level. I don’t talk enough about how I am really feeling, or what bothers me the most.

I did a quick Google search, and found these questions one should ask him/herself, to better understand their grief. I felt it would be interesting to see what I have to say (Gosh, I sound like a dork).