Respect for Aretha Franklin

The iconic Aretha Franklin passed away today

One of her most icon songs was Respect, which has always held a special place in my heart due to how much it remind me of Jen.

When Nif was a younger member of the Silver Starlites, her and three other girls twirled to Respect. They had red sequin costumes and Jen had a little solo signing the iconic R-E-S-P-E-C-T into her baton/microphone. Ever since then, to me, Respect has been synonymous with Jen. Hell, my husband and I even walked out to Respect during out wedding reception!


You can’t tell, but RESPECT by Aretha Franklin is playing

Today, while scrolling through Instagram, I saw a beautiful quote from the Queen herself:

“Be your own artist, and always be confident in what you’re doing.
If you’re not going to be confident, you might as well not be doing it.”

-Aretha Franklin


I find it only fitting that Aretha Franklin, and Respect, passed away a day before Jen’s angelversary…

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