Why “Coniffdence”?

… because Jennifer had it.

Well, she had confidence. Coniffdence is just a clever spelling mistake.

She always knew how beautiful she was, and how amazing her smile was, and she never let anyone tell her differently. She didn’t take crap from anyone, and held her own. She looked at the world through rose colored glasses, but she definitely did not let people take advantage of here. You either loved her, or hated her, and that is exactly how she liked it.

Jen has a tattoo on her side that said in big, bold letters:

She re-worked the design a little, and added more swirls to the letter, but this was the general idea. Pretty awesome, huh?

What does this mean for me? I need to have the confidence to ask for help when I need it, the confidence to live my life, and the confidence to know that I am still Jacqueline.

Why This Blog?

My Mom and Dad bought almost every book on the topic of how to cope after the loss of a child. I flipped through one book, and it had a chapter on siblings who lost a brother or sister. I thought, “Great! I can finally get some insight on these feelings I have!” Well, I was 100% wrong. All the chapter had (and it was a small chapter at that) were spinets of what other people said when they lost their brother or sister. It didn’t help. Yes, we all have these feelings. Now, what I need to know is how I can make my family and myself feel better.

Now, me being into web development, I felt the best way I could talktype through my feelings and what I’m going through is via a blog. Some updates may be positive and more upbeat, while others will be more sad and heartfelt.

Plus, I hope people will leave comments and encouraging words and advice, so that not only will I grow, but other people can come here and find some support and comfort.