About Me

I’m the Oldest Sister, and I am trying like hell to keep my family happy.

At 22 years old, I instantly grew up, and saw the whole world in a new light. I found out who my true friend are, and who are not as reliable as they may seem. And I also saw the ugly, dark side of people, and never realized how selfish some people can truly be.

While at the University at Albany, I joined Alpha Xi Delta (AΞΔ) and made these girls my family. And when they say they will do anything for a sister, they are not lying. I had sisters send everything and anything to the house, and everyone who was able to come to the wake and funeral did so. Just knowing they were all there made a terrible situation suck a bit less.

I hate seeing my family cry. Heck, I hate to see anyone cry, so I try my hardest to be strong for everyone. I try not to cry at home, so that no one needs to comfort me. I would rather be the comforter, rather than the comfortee. But, like everyone, I have my moments where it hurts to think and move, and I just wanna lay in bed and cry.

Jim, our brother, and myself have gotten a lot closer. We talk a lot more, text all day, and I help him with his homework and studying. He is taking this whole ordeal very hard, and I have been trying to help him through it.