Category is: Halloween

Last night I had a very vivid dream about Niff. Like crazy vivid, and I remember the whole thing. I woke up this morning, and have been repeating it over and over in my head so that I wouldn’t forget it.

In my dream, we were in some random kitchen, and Jen comes up to me and asks,

How do you play that game that goes ‘Category is: Halloween?‘”




This just popped into my head, and I can’t believe I have not shared this before.

Many, many moons ago, back when Jen was still in a car seat, we were in car with my Mom going down Route 9.

Jennifer dropped something, and the dialog between us is something I will never forget:



I must say, I am quite crafty, and enjoy making things to decorate our house. With this month being October, I felt it appropriate to carve a pumpkin in honor of Halloween. I bought one big pumpkin, and one smaller pumpkin, and placed them on Jenn’s Bench. Yesterday, I woke up nice and early, set up my work area, and began to carve my pumpkins.