Starbucks Messed Up My Name

I have been going to the same Starbucks for over 8 years now. And like many Starbucks, the friendly barista asks for your name to write on the cup. Today, the most serendipitous mistake happened.

I usually go to Starbucks two (okay, maybe three) times a week, and more often than not, the same barista is working the register and takes my order. Normally, he gets my name right, even the spelling, without asking for clarification.

Today, I ordered my Venti Whole Milk Mocha with Whip (it’s a Monday, cut me some slack), and I waited patiently down the bar for my drink. When I was handed my latte, I checked the cup to be sure it was mine, and noticed they spelled my name wrong.

I don’t know what transpired for him to write JENIFER on the cup, but it sure did make me smile.


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