My Robot

Robots remind me of Jennifer. Not 100% sure why; they just do. I have a pink robot key chain that has rhinestones all over it, and went crazy trying to find it. I think they remind me of her because she always doodled them, and hanging on my wall is one of her best pieces of art, and right on the bottom is a robot.


Jen’s Art | 4 Months

This is a sweet story, that comes with an all too coincidental preface.

Scene: Wednesday Evening

I went to the craft store with Jen’s BFF, and we were just walking around and talking. We started talking about how her little sister and Jen are both very artistic and could both draw very well. She showed me a picture that her sister drew of an eye, that looked so realistic. I said Jen could draw so well, and how she was so good at art in school. We finished walking around and went to go get nuggets.