Recap of The Compassionate Friends 35th National/5th International Conference

Boy, oh boy, it has been a busy week for yours  truly. Mom and I landed late Sunday night, and didn’t get back home until 2:00AM Monday morning. From there, it has been a constant race to try to make up lost time at work, as well as trying to prepare for my vacation next week with my Lobster. However, on this rainy Sunday, I am committing myself to recapping my recent trip to The Compassionate Friends 35th National/5th International Conference in Costa Mesa, California.

Update: I’ve been working on this post Sunday, Monday and now even on Tuesday



Baby, You’re a Firework

Another holiday is quickly approaching, and once again marks that time does not stop, no matter how much you wish it did. However, with that being said, I don’t feel as sad as I normally do on holidays. Maybe that is because this isn’t so much a family holiday, as it is a hang out with your friends holiday. Years past, Niff would hang out with her friends, and I with mine, so maybe that is why I am not feeling so blue.


Cold vs. Hot

You never really realize how much you know about science until you get older. Plus, all this extra time I seem to have, especially while laying pool side, brings up so many memories of Jen.


Louie Swimming

As promised, Louie was the first one to go swimming this year. Although I missed his first official swim, I was able to capture the second one.


The Ol’ Swimmin Hole

It is about 4:30AM and I am wide awake, and thought of no better way to pass the time than to blog from my bed.

Yesterday afternoon, my Dad and I finally put the steps into the pool, marking the official start of summer.