27 Things That Can Really Help You While You’re Grieving

I love Buzzfeed, and I am totally borrowing one of their more recent posts about grieving, written by Augusts Falletta.

They outlined 27 things that can help with the grieving process; many of which I have done so myself.



What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger…

… I hate, nay, despise this phrase. And it is rather odd how much time I’ve spent thinking about this phrase. Mostly in the car, and usually when that Kelly Clarkson song comes on the radio. Still, it is used far too often, and I just don’t like it.


For the Rest of My Life

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in a while, and for that I am sorry. I’ve been swamped at work with projects, and even more busy at home.

I’ve always said how much music reminds me of Nif, as I think it was a big part of her life. There has been this new song out, that whenever I hear it, I instantly think of Jen.

After a few quick taps on my iPad, I present to you, my first photo slide-show.


Please Note: This video may not work on your mobile devices due to copyright laws. Go figure…

Grief: A Brief Survey

When I am not sure of what to blog, I like to Google grief survey, and see if there are any interesting new studies done, or in the process of being completed, on grief. I came across Grief: A Brief Survey, for a student who is collecting research for a paper they are writing.  I really like their questions, and want to help them on their assignment. Plus, I think answering questions on my own behalf helps me to undestand my feelings and thoughts better.

Below, are all my responses without me holding anything back:


Dad’s CD No. 1

Last week, my car was in and out of the shop because I needed new tires and brakes. My dad let me borrow his car so I could get to work, and I would occasionally listen to the CDs he had in the CD changer. One such CD was a gift from Jen, where she burned all of my Dad’s favorite songs, along with a few other eclectic choices. Whenever I listen to the CD, I get choked up on certain songs, just because they have so much meaning behind them.

May I present to you my Dad’s CD No. 1:


“Dreams; That’s Where I Have to Go to See Your Beautiful Face”

I know this song by Gavin DeGraw is about a break up, but a lot of the lyrics relate to me missing Niff.

(The lines in bold are especially true)


My Sister, My Sister, My Sister

Recently, I have found myself talking more about Jen. I have been talking about her mostly when conversing with friends or coworkers, and saying things like, “My sister did this,” or, “One time, my sister Niff said that.” I never follow-up with anything about her passing, because it’s really none of their business.


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