About Jennifer

I never could remember how to spell her name.

Many years ago, I started calling Jennifer, “Niffer.” In place of calling her Jen, I took the back end of her name, and the name Niffer was born. My Mom told me not to call her that, because she was afraid it would stick. Well years later, I don’t think I ever called her anything but Niffer.

Popular variations included Niffie, Niff, Ka-Niff, Niffinator, Niffs, and many more that I just can’t remember now.

Over the years, I started spelling “Jennifer” as “J-e-n-i-f-f-e-r” and everyone made fun of me because I couldn’t spell her name correctly. But in my head it made perfect sense.

Niff was is my best friend, and we would just goof around all the time. She constantly stole my stuff, and never put anything back. It’s so weird to know that when I come home from work, my hair brush is going to be exactly where I left it, and I’m not gonna have to go searching for it.

Our world was forever changed on August 17th, 2010. Jen fell off her motorcycle, and was rushed to the hospital in Newburgh. The first phone call said she was in an accident and told my parents to meet them at the ER. I stayed home.

The second phone call came from my Dad saying, “She didn’t make it.”

I waited for my brother to get home, and I told him the news. He screamed, got in his car, pealed out of the driveway, and made it half way down the street before he jumped out, and laid in the street and cried. After much tears and hugs, we drove over to Newburgh to meet our parents.

I would never wish the next 4 hours on anyone.

They said it was instant, and she didn’t suffer. My parents were crying, and all my Mom wanted was a Priest to come. She seemed a little better when the Priest was there, and we prayed together. Jim couldn’t stand the ER, so he waited outside with his friends. And, because of my Dad’s diabetes, I was finding cookies and juice for him from the nurses so his sugar wouldn’t drop.

We left when security ushered us out.

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