“Is that you sister?”

Yesterday, one of the sweetest things happened at work. One of my co-workers came into my office to ask a question about a project we are all working on.

Allow me to set the stage; I have a bookcase with various books and reference material on it, and on top of it are a few personal things:

  1. Picture of Jennifer and Me in my sister frame
  2. Picture of the Lobster and myself
  3. My Robot Necklace

Mom’s Blackberry

Like many phones, they start to bite the dust after a year or so. The whole idea of waiting two years for an upgrade is total nonsense, because most phones do not last that long, especially if you have smart phones that are used all day.

My Mom’s Blackberry has been giving her problems for a while now. Most annoyingly, it has a serious issue with freezing up, and having a lag between moving the track ball, and actually having the cursor move on the screen. She went to Verizon, and they suggested she do a hard reset, but first back up all her files.


Nine Months

9 Months

39 Weeks

273 Days

About 6552 Hours

About 393,120 Minutes

About 23,587,200 Seconds

However you break it down, it is almost inconceivable to comprehend that Jen is not here.


Sister Frame

My Mom gave me a frame with a cute sister quote around it, and my Dad put a picture of me and Niff in it. I brought it into work today, so I can see it everyday.