Just The Way You Are

The past few days at work, I’ve heard Just the Way You Are more times than I can ever remember.

Thanks Jen ❤


For the Rest of My Life

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in a while, and for that I am sorry. I’ve been swamped at work with projects, and even more busy at home.

I’ve always said how much music reminds me of Nif, as I think it was a big part of her life. There has been this new song out, that whenever I hear it, I instantly think of Jen.

After a few quick taps on my iPad, I present to you, my first photo slide-show.


Please Note: This video may not work on your mobile devices due to copyright laws. Go figure…

Dad’s CD No. 1

Last week, my car was in and out of the shop because I needed new tires and brakes. My dad let me borrow his car so I could get to work, and I would occasionally listen to the CDs he had in the CD changer. One such CD was a gift from Jen, where she burned all of my Dad’s favorite songs, along with a few other eclectic choices. Whenever I listen to the CD, I get choked up on certain songs, just because they have so much meaning behind them.

May I present to you my Dad’s CD No. 1:


“Dreams; That’s Where I Have to Go to See Your Beautiful Face”

I know this song by Gavin DeGraw is about a break up, but a lot of the lyrics relate to me missing Niff.

(The lines in bold are especially true)


My Sister, My Sister, My Sister

Recently, I have found myself talking more about Jen. I have been talking about her mostly when conversing with friends or coworkers, and saying things like, “My sister did this,” or, “One time, my sister Niff said that.” I never follow-up with anything about her passing, because it’s really none of their business.


When I Look to the Sky

In college, one of my roommates had this song set for when her boyfriend (now fiance <3) called her. I always knew the song, but never actually listed to the words.

Now, whenever I listen to it, all I can think of is Niff.


Rt. 9 Rainbows

You all know how much I like Rainbows, and how I think of Jen when I seem one. The other day, I was driving south on Rt. 9 and saw a partial rainbow. It was just a blob of rainbow-ness in the sky. I pulled over, took out my blackberry, and snapped some pictures.


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