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Grief: A Brief Survey

When I am not sure of what to blog, I like to Google grief survey, and see if there are any interesting new studies done, or in the process of being completed, on grief. I came across Grief: A Brief Survey, for a student who is collecting research for a paper they are writing.  I really like their questions, and want to help them on their assignment. Plus, I think answering questions on my own behalf helps me to undestand my feelings and thoughts better.

Below, are all my responses without me holding anything back:


There’s an angel watching over you

There are some truly amazing people in the world.

Yesterday, one of our long time twirling friends asked me to stop by her job, because she had something for me. I got to her job later in the evening, and she handed me an envelope. Not having any idea what it could be, I opened it.


02/17/2012 = 18 Months


It is almost impossible to fathom that Jennifer has been an angel for 18 months now. I didn’t realize exactly how many months it had been until I went on Facebook and saw some of the comments that friends left on Jen’s page. Granted, I knew it was the 17th of February (and I hated writing that date down), but I don’t torture myself anymore by counting the months.


2011 Tiffany & Co. Christmas Ornament

The time for my semi-annual pilgrimage to Tiffany & Co. is upon us, and I did a quick preview of the new ornaments. I popped into the Tiffanys at The Westchester, and found my way to the new ornaments. I was looking at the new designs, and instantly fell in love with one particular design.


Happy (Belated) Birthday Jen!

Thursday was Jennifer’s birthday, her 20th birthday, and the 2nd year we celebrated without her. I opted to go to work, and did my best to not dwell on the circumstances of the day. I got teary-eyed at some points, but I didn’t let it consume me. I even wore my pink confidence shirt to work as a little extra niff-love.


Happy Birthday To Me

Well, my birthday has come and gone, and I am another year older.Maybe it is due to the sucky timing, and the fact that my birthday is 21 days after Jen passed away, but I just don’t get as excited for my birthday anymore. I was the first one out of my family to have a birthday after Jen’s passing, and will always have the next family related event/birthday after her angel-versary.


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