Jen’s Cross

I am currently sitting on the 10:50am train to Croton Harmon and was just looking out the window. I knew we were approaching Cold Spring but I didn’t think I would be able to see Jen’s cross from the train. I knew it was hers. There was the huge cross and the white metal one.

Now I’m trying not to cry. I wasn’t ready to see it.

Miss you Jen.


MTA Hudson Line

Yesterday, I tried something new. Instead of driving down to Westcheser to see my Lobster, I opted to take the train down. I figured I had been driving all week, and it would be worth the $14 to sit and relax, and have the train be my transportation. Not only am I never doing that again (don’t like walking to my car alone at night), but I didn’t factor in what locations the train passed.  More

When I Look to the Sky

In college, one of my roommates had this song set for when her boyfriend (now fiance <3) called her. I always knew the song, but never actually listed to the words.

Now, whenever I listen to it, all I can think of is Niff.



Yes, that is the time I woke up this morning. 4:45AM. Back in college, that was the time I got home! But, today, I am presenting at WordCamp in the City, and need to be there at 8:30AM. So, as I sit here on the lovely 7:00AM local train to GST, I felt I should share some thoughts.

Waking up a the crack of dawn reminds me of all the times Jen, my Mom and myself would wake up super early, and get ready for one of Jen’s baton competitions. Jen would take forever to get ready, and would look so cute with her bun, fake hair, makeup, and huge diamond earings. She would complain about her hair, and fix it 70 zillion times, and say how she hated her pantyhose. She would always wonder around, packing her stuff up, and would always put SpongeBob pj pans on over her costume. Then, she would zip up her Starlite jacket and be ready to go.