My New Necklace

For the past seven Christmases, my Mom has always gone out of her way to get my dad, brother, and myself, something very special in memory of Jen. This past Christmas, my Mom got me a beautiful silver charm.



1LB of Rhinestones Later…

As many of you may know, I enjoy crafting a great deal. Further more, I enjoy rhinestones and things that sparkle. Therefore, it was an obvisious conclusion to make something using rhinestones, glitter puffy paint, and an old piece of wood.


Lost Dreams

For me, one of the most difficult parts of grief is dealing with lost dreams. There are no words to describe the pain and hurt of loosing Niff, but sometimes I get so caught up in missing things that didn’t even happen yet.


“Are You F#!&ing Kidding Me?!”

I know.

I have a potty mouth. But that is what I said yesterday when I was driving home from work. I looked up into the sky, and saw a part of a rainbow. I drove into some development to try and take a picture, but it was quickly covered up with clouds. I just thought it was a nice thing to see on Niff’s 6 Month Angelversary.


The Sixteenth & The Seventeenth

The two worst days of the month, the sixteenth and the seventeenth…



That, my friends, is sister talk.

Nif and I would say that in the house, like if we couldn’t find the other. If I was downstairs, and she was upstairs, I would yell, “Kalookalay!” and she would answer, “Kalookalay!” back. I don’t know why we started doing it, but we just did. And it stuck. If Jen just answered with a, “Whaaaaat?” I would shout back, “Say it right!” until she answered back correctly. I’m sure our neighbors loved this.