Shift in Family Dynamics

Today, I was stumped for a new blog topic, and took to Twitter for help.

I reached out and asked, “Help! Need some great ides for an upcoming blog post,” to which @TheGriefToolBox replied:

“A post from a berieved sibling on family dynamics following your sisters death, what worked and what did not would help others.”

So, I am taking their advice and sharing with you the shift in family¬†dynamic¬†after Jen’s passing.



Ten minuets ago, I was staring blank post, not sure of what to blog about. I took a break, logged into Twitter, and read through my feed. On the right side was some of the trending topics, many with the popular hash-tag (#) symbol. I saw one, clicked on it, and read what some other Twitter users had to say.

The trending topic? #dearyoungself


“It Goes On”

You’ve seen that quote before. Maybe in an English class, maybe in some book, or somewhere on the internet. I recently saw it on Twitter, and this time, it really stuck with me.