Let’s Honor Jen’s Memory

August 17th; you have visited us once again.

Can you even believe that it  has been 6 years? I can’t. I live in a perpetual state of Jen’s passing feeling like it was decades ago, or last week. Memories of that whole week are intensely clear, or ever-so slightly foggy. And it’s not just me; other people I’ve talked to feel the same way. Grief must have it’s own clock.




I’ve already mentioned this but last night I was in the mall running a few quick errands. I was on a mission for white shoes, and went into every store before I committed to a pair. As I made my way through all the stores, I stopped into Journeys (where Niff used to work) to see if they had any cute pairs. They redid the layout of the store, and everything was new, including the register area.

Journeys in the Poughkeepsie Galleria



My Black Cardigan

Many of you, especially my Alpha Xi Delta sisters, know that I love my cardigan sweaters. I have a small collection of cardigans in various colors from Banana Republic, and from time to time, Jennifer would steal, I mean, borrow them.


A Niffie Crown

I don’t Facebook stalk, but I do read my feed, and see what is going on in my friends’ lives. I noticed that one of Jen’s friends was getting a tattoo, and that she was posting pictures soon. I never thought anything about what it may be of, just that she was getting another tattoo.