2011 Tiffany & Co. Christmas Ornament

The time for my semi-annual pilgrimage to Tiffany & Co. is upon us, and I did a quick preview of the new ornaments. I popped into the Tiffanys at The Westchester, and found my way to the new ornaments. I was looking at the new designs, and instantly fell in love with one particular design.


Angels, Angels Everywhere

I didn’t really notice until after we put up the tree and started adding the ornaments, that we have a lot of angels in our house. Not just after Jennifer passed away; we’ve had some of these angels for a long time. I went around the house, and took pictures of all the angels I could find.

Our Angel Tree Topper. I got her on eBay when our original one was ruined in a flood. I was able to find the exact same one. Its for my Mom’s Dad who passed away


I am Thankful For…

Well, it is Thanksgiving eve.

And as we slowly approach the holiday season, it is important to be thankful for all that we do have, even in the shadow of tragic events.

A friend (Thanks RS) sent me an e-mail today, with the a post from Tiny Buddha, an online blog that shares simple wisdoms via blog, Twitter and Facebook. This particular post was one of those “wow” moments.


Tiffany & Co. Part III

Yes, I know. I have a problem. I need to stop spending money at Tiffany’s, but I just can’t help it.

Yesterday, I was in the city with my Lobster, and I had him take me to Tiffany & Co. on 5th Avenue (again). It was all decorated for Christmas, and looked really beautiful. They even had the hidden elevators opened for the extra shoppers. We traveled up to the 6th floor for home decor, bags and small gifts.


Tiffany & Co. Part II

So you all know that I got Nif a Tiffany & Co. ring for her 18th birthday, that Mom recently had turned into a ring for my Dad.

I was very honored and flattered that my Mom wanted to use something that I had gotten for Jen, and give it to my Dad. I felt very special when she asked me if it was okay, and I was totally fine with the idea.

But this made me think. Now, Jennifer doesn’t have any Tiffany jewelry, and that is just not acceptable. I wanted to get a pretty necklace that we can put around her urn. I first asked my Mom, and promised her it wouldn’t be anything tacky or gaudy. I did my research online, and found a necklace that I thought was perfect. Over the past weekend, my boyfriend and I were in the city, and I asked him to take me to Tiffanys on 5th Avenue and 57th Street.


Tiffany & Co. Part I

Everyone should know a good jeweler.

Last year for Jen’s 18th birthday, I got her a silver ring from Tiffany & Co. My theory is that by the time a girl is 18 years old, she should have a piece of jewelry from Tiffanys. I wasn’t sure what ring to get her, so I had my Mom come with me, and I had her model the different options I had picked out. I researched for weeks before, to make sure I got one I knew Jen would like. I remember going to The Westchester, and picking it out, and leaving there with the coveted teal box with white ribbon.