Dining Room Table and Kitchen Table

It is very weird how simple things like the placement of chairs can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Sunday was Easter, and just like last year, I had to color the eggs by myself. Except, this year, I had a system and enjoyed coloring all 23 eggs (I  should have had 24 eggs, but I needed to taste one before I colored it).


Shift in Family Dynamics

Today, I was stumped for a new blog topic, and took to Twitter for help.

I reached out and asked, “Help! Need some great ides for an upcoming blog post,” to which @TheGriefToolBox replied:

“A post from a berieved sibling on family dynamics following your sisters death, what worked and what did not would help others.”

So, I am taking their advice and sharing with you the shift in family dynamic after Jen’s passing.


Happy Birthday To Me

Well, my birthday has come and gone, and I am another year older.Maybe it is due to the sucky timing, and the fact that my birthday is 21 days after Jen passed away, but I just don’t get as excited for my birthday anymore. I was the first one out of my family to have a birthday after Jen’s passing, and will always have the next family related event/birthday after her angel-versary.


Root Beer and Seaside Heights

Last night I gave into temptation, and ordered some fast food on my way home. I ordered my food, and opted for a root beer as my cola of choice. That first sip instantly reminded me of all the family vacations we spent at Seaside Heights in New Jersy (long before it became synonymous with guidos and fist pumping).


The Ol’ Swimmin Hole

It is about 4:30AM and I am wide awake, and thought of no better way to pass the time than to blog from my bed.

Yesterday afternoon, my Dad and I finally put the steps into the pool, marking the official start of summer.


Angels, Angels Everywhere

I didn’t really notice until after we put up the tree and started adding the ornaments, that we have a lot of angels in our house. Not just after Jennifer passed away; we’ve had some of these angels for a long time. I went around the house, and took pictures of all the angels I could find.

Our Angel Tree Topper. I got her on eBay when our original one was ruined in a flood. I was able to find the exact same one. Its for my Mom’s Dad who passed away


“Coming Home”

I know I am a nerd and find symbolism, usually religious, in almost everything. But I never thought I would find it in a Diddy song.

Watch this video, and focus on the chorus, or watch the official music video here:


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