Sometimes, things happen with such remarkable coincidences, there is no way it can just be due to chance…



A Niffie Crown

I don’t Facebook stalk, but I do read my feed, and see what is going on in my friends’ lives. I noticed that one of Jen’s friends was getting a tattoo, and that she was posting pictures soon. I never thought anything about what it may be of, just that she was getting another tattoo.


Angie, Our Tree Topper

I don’t know how you and your family celebrate Christmas, but in our house, we have lots of rules and traditions, many of which pertain to the beloved Christmas tree.

Some of these rules include:

  1. Tree goes up on Daddy’s birthday
  2. Angel topper goes on first
  3. I have to wear the tree skirt as my own skirt while helping to put on the lights and garland
  4. Garland must be thrown, not placed, on the chandelier
  5. My tiny pony ornament goes on a bottom branch, on the right side of the tree
  6. “Scary Santa” ornaments go in the back of the tree
  7. Mommy puts on the Mouse Trap ornament, circa 1996

There are many more, but that would require a whole second blog.


BFF Tattoo

I’ve had this image for a while, but I totally forgot to share it with you.

As you may know, many of Jen’s friends have gotten tattoos in remembrance of her. Jennifer’s best friend got a beautiful tattoo for her, and got it done on Jen’s birthday, November 3rd.


4 Tattoos… So Far

I find it very interesting how people cope with loss.

As of today, I know of four people who have gotten tattoos in remembrance of Niff. And I get my two in a week.

The first one I knew of was Jen’s friend who got the word “Confidence” above a tattoo she already had. She has a beautiful pink ribbon (for Breast Cancer) on her back, and she had work added to it. Its very simple and very beautiful.