Adventures of Snowtober

Like many people in the north east, we were slammed with a freak snow storm last week, and still recovering from its effects. The storm hit on Saturday, and ended sometime early Sunday morning. I was at my boyfriend’s house, and come home mid Sunday afternoon. Not only did we loose power, but for some reason, Verison Wireless was out, and no one could even use their cell phones to make calls or text. My mom said that people in the next town over were able to use their cell phones, so I bundled up, and drove over so that I could call my Lobster and let him know I was home safe.


Tears on the Thurway

The other day I was on my way to a job interview, and was just passing through the toll plaza to get onto the Thruway from I84. I was listening to K104, and the DJ said something along the lines of:

The Woodman played this song this morning in honor of Caylee. Many of you requested it again, so here it is.


Driving Home via Speakerphone

Last evening I was driving home kinda late from dinner with my boy friend and some friends. My boyfriend stayed on the phone with me the whole drive home, to make sure I got home okay. He kept asking, “Where are you on the road?” and made sure I was awake enough to drive. Staying on the phone late at night while driving reminded me of all the times I would call Niff when I was driving home from Albany.


Lost Dreams

For me, one of the most difficult parts of grief is dealing with lost dreams. There are no words to describe the pain and hurt of loosing Niff, but sometimes I get so caught up in missing things that didn’t even happen yet.


“Are You F#!&ing Kidding Me?!”

I know.

I have a potty mouth. But that is what I said yesterday when I was driving home from work. I looked up into the sky, and saw a part of a rainbow. I drove into some development to try and take a picture, but it was quickly covered up with clouds. I just thought it was a nice thing to see on Niff’s 6 Month Angelversary.


“There is only one Niffie…”

I swear, these things happen more and more frequently.

Yesterday, I was at my desk, and my cell phone rang. I think, “Who is calling me now? Everyone knows I am at work.” I look at my phone, and see it is one of my sorority sisters. Hoping everything is okay, I answer, and ask her what is up.


“Set Up Scanner for Jennifer”

So, the other day I was working with some woman, and as we were going along, she was writing down notes to herself. At one point we were talking about scanners, and she wrote down:

Set up scanner for Jennifer


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