The Holidays, Grief, and You

I’ve blogged about it before, but I think it is important to discuss again. The holidays can be a very difficult time for anyone, especially those who may be grieving. This being my 7th Christmas without Jen, I feel like I may have some advice that I can share with anyone (and everyone) who may be having some sadness in their hearts this (and any) holiday season.


Dealing With the Holidays When You Are Grieving

Ah yes. The holiday season is upon us once again. For me, I find the holidays especially difficult because it makes me miss Jen the most. However, heading into my 6th season (holy moly!) without her, I’ve learned a few things. More

Am I Done Grieving?

Right after Jen passed away, I found myself blogging much more frequently; sometimes multiples times a week. Now, almost five years later, I find myself struggling with what to write. I have found myself able to talk about Jen, and not get that lump in my throat. I can hear the name “Jennifer” and not wince. And most importantly, I feel like I can help others.


How to Grieve

I am in no way an expert on anything, but after grieving for three years, there are a few helpful words of wisdom I want to share. It is important to note that just because something worked for me, doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Everyone is different, and everyone grieves differently.

Helpful Tips



Grief: A Brief Survey

When I am not sure of what to blog, I like to Google grief survey, and see if there are any interesting new studies done, or in the process of being completed, on grief. I came across Grief: A Brief Survey, for a student who is collecting research for a paper they are writing.  I really like their questions, and want to help them on their assignment. Plus, I think answering questions on my own behalf helps me to undestand my feelings and thoughts better.

Below, are all my responses without me holding anything back:


Recap of The Compassionate Friends 35th National/5th International Conference

Boy, oh boy, it has been a busy week for yours  truly. Mom and I landed late Sunday night, and didn’t get back home until 2:00AM Monday morning. From there, it has been a constant race to try to make up lost time at work, as well as trying to prepare for my vacation next week with my Lobster. However, on this rainy Sunday, I am committing myself to recapping my recent trip to The Compassionate Friends 35th National/5th International Conference in Costa Mesa, California.

Update: I’ve been working on this post Sunday, Monday and now even on Tuesday


Five Stages of Grief and Me

It seems like this is a topic I should have reflected on long ago, but none-the-less, I want to share with you my experiences through the five stages of grief. There are some schools of thought that say there are seven stages of grief, but I better identify with the five. Mind you, different doctors and psychologists may differ on what each stage is called, how many stages there are, and many other factors. The important thing to remember is that grief is a journey with some-what defined stages. How many and what those stages are, are as unique as each person that grief effects.


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