Queen of the Night

Recently, Volvo put out a new car commercial, and every time I see it, I think of Nif.

You’ve probably seen the commercial yourself; three people in front of a white backdrop, one with a plant, one getting ready to run, and one in an orange dress.


It’s the lady in the orange dress that I am most consumed by. Every time she begins to sing, I get goose bumps and think of Jen.


She, Emily M Cheung to be exact, sings the aria from¬†Queen of the Night.¬†At one point or another, we’ve all heard this opera song.

Jen and I would always sing this, ahem, try to sing this opera song all the time. Granted, it just sounded more like screaming, but hey, we were having fun.

This is another version of the commercial, and I am becoming more and more infatuated with this song.

Our favorite part to sing was the coloratura part, the part where she has quick, short bursts of song (0:12 into the first video, 0:13 in the second video).

Who knew we were so cultured?

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