All Your Random Acts of Kindness

I must say, I have the most amazing friends and family. Friday was a sucky day, but I loved every singe text message and Facebook message from everyone, sharing what they did for their Random Act of Kindness. It was really nice to read about all the good things happening in memory of Jennifer.


I donated all my old books to my local library. I must of had about 40 books, all fiction, and all in pretty good condition. These were all the books I’ve accumulated over the years from all my summer readings which I read once and put on my shelf.

Earlier in the week, I bought a cute stamp, and stamped the inside of each books with a special message. I even called the library before hand to make sure this would be okay.

It was a big stamp, and I got neon pink ink. Once the ink dried, I simple wrote, “In Memory of Jennifer “Niffie” DeVito ❤ 1991-2010″

I put the stamp on the inside front cover.

All the books I donated.


Friday morning I left my house a little bit earlier, and went to buy the Poughkeepsie Journal, because my Mom got a beautiful In Memoriam posting. I also stopped at Dunkin Donuts, and picked up breakfast for myself, as well as donuts to bring in for the guys at work. While I was waiting to pay, a gentleman came in to get his coffee. I told him that I was taking care of it, and had his coffee added to my bill. He asked me what the occasion was, and I simply said that it was a random act of kindness. I got so emotional talking to him, I tried so hard not to cry. I hope I made his day.

I made a little sign for the guys, as if they didn’t know what was in the box

On my way to work, I stopped and got Starbucks. The gentleman in front of me was getting his coffee and breakfast, and I tried to pay for his coffee, but he beat me to it (we were both using our Starbucks app on our iPhones). He asked me why I wanted to pay for his order, and I told him the same thing I told the guy at Dunkin Donuts. Then, as they were making my drink, the lady behind me ordered a hot chocolate. I told the baristia to add her drink to my order, and the lady behind me was asking why. I told her I wanted to buy her drink. She told me that the hot chocolate was for her 96 year old mother, and this was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

Also, at lunch time, I ordered lunch and drinks and had them delivered to my boyfriend and his coworker who were unable to step out for lunch. They both said the chicken parm was delicious.

Through out the entire day, I got so many text messages and Facebook messages about all the nice things people did.

Some of the amazing things done were:

  • Made a donation to the Silver Starlites

  • Added Niff and my family to a prayer board at a convent
  • Helped an old lady put air in her tires at the gas station
  • Gave their yogurt snack to someone who forgot theirs
  • Comforted a coworker who was having a rough day
  • Went with her sons to donate lots of clothes to Good Will
  • Donated clothes to a charity
  • Donated soda cans to a local football booster
  • Let someone cut in line so they could make the bus
  • Helped a lady in the parking lot with her baby carrier
  • Got Happy Meals for students in her class
  • Sent beautiful flowers to my house
  • Sent me a huge teddy bear at work

  • Returned a random wagon at the grocery store
  • Shared my post about Random Acts of Kindness with all their friends
  • Lit a candle in memory of Nif

And I am sure there is so much more that I am (unfortunately) forgetting.


Once my Lobster came to my house, we headed up to the DCSPCA and I dropped off three bags of old blankets and an old comforter for all the animals that need something cuddly to nap on.


Outside my local Starbucks was a table for the Susan G. Komen, where volunteers were trying to raise money for an upcoming event. I gave them a cash donation on my way out.

Overall, I think my Random Act of Kindness in memory of Jennifer was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who took a few moments to think of Jen, and do something kind for a stranger. It means the absolute world to me.


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