Mother’s Day 2012

While many of you may have been celebrating Mother’s Day with a fancy brunch, I celebrated Mother’s Day in my garage and along side Rt. 9D in Cold Spring.

Saturday night, my Mom and Dad went to Cold Spring, and brought home the beautiful white cross that Jen’s friends made for her and put along the side of the road at the scene of her accident. The cross was leading pretty bad, and the wood was starting to fall apart in spots. My parents brought it home, and picked up supplies to reinforce the wood, so that it would keep its shape. Saturday night, I carefully went over all the writing to make sure the:


was bold and no longer fading away.

Sunday morning, my Mom and I helped to secure the cross beam and bolt in all the remaining parts. We packed up the car (I even packed snacks) and headed down to Cold Spring. At first, I was really uneasy (and wanted to puke) because I had never been to that spot. I had only seen the back it from the train. But once we got there, I put my own personal issues aside, and helped with the maintence of the cross, because that is all my Mom wanted to do on her special day.

We were working along a very narrow path, and there were tons of people walking along the path to get to some sort of trail. Some people walked around us, some people jumped over the guard rail to walk on the road for a few steps, and some people waited for us to move out of their way. Some people ignored us, some people smiled politely as they walked by, some people crossed themselves, and one man even stopped to ask, “Someone close?” to which my mom replied, “My daughter.” The man said that he was a Buddist and offered us one of the highest prayers you can offer someone.

After digging a hole to put the cross back in, we put rocks around the base to hold it up. The final touch was to add a fresh, new coat of white paint, and add some more flowers to it. After we cleaned up, we stepped back and took some pictures of the cleaned up cross.

It may not have been the most traditional Mother’s Day, but it was what my Mom wanted to do, so damn-it, that is what we did ❤


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